OmniWeb 5.5 Beta

Although it seems rather absurd, in this day and age, to pay for a web browser — there are at least 4 high-quality free browsers available for OS X — I decided to give the OmniWeb 5.5 Beta a try, mostly because most everything that emerges from the brilliant minds at OmniGroup is golden.


I thought that my little old iMac was just getting slow in its old age — either that, or my Internet connection was wilting. OmniWeb disabused me of both notions: this browser flies. It’s also got a couple of nice features — like a new take on “tabs” — that remind me that browser UI hasn’t moved very far in the past 5 years.

I’ve got 29 days left on the free trial; so far, I’m delighted enough to seriously considering upping for a license and making it my primary browser. More later.

OmniWeb 5.5 Beta Screen Shot


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deja on July 21, 2006 - 18:34 Permalink

Have you tried Flock?

I have found it to be quite fast as well, seriously faster than its Gekko brother Firefox (no memory leaks from what I have seen) and for the bloggers of the world to be way beyond anything out there. For you I would think that it would be a no brainer — XML-RPC, integrates directly with Flickr, most CMS’s, or shadow… very cool, and free.