Oliver’s Green Birthday

Oliver turns 19 years old on Tuesday, October 1. As his is tradition, he’s worked out a complex cavalcade of celebration.

Oliver’s already raised $300, all on his own, on Facebook, for the Alzheimer’s Society.

On the day proper, we’ll start at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with Catherine, who’s spending some time recuperating there. This means that Oliver will start his celebrating about 100 m from where he was born. There will be morning cake.

That afternoon, Oliver’s invited his UPEI classmates to join him for an after-class celebration at The Fox & Crow, the campus pub. There will be afternoon cake.

Then in the evening, we’ll join the Charlottetown Green contingent at The Guardian/UPEI Student Union election debate on campus. After the debate Oliver’s hosting a Green after-party downtown. There will be evening cake.

Oliver’s inviting donations to Darcie Lanthier’s Green campaign in lieu of gifts: you can donate online here; you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, but you don’t need to live in Charlottetown.

If you’re not a Canadian, he encourages you to donate to a local political party that supports Green values.

I have helped raise a son with a big heart and a curious mind. I am a happy father.