Oliver’s Blog

Oliver has had a blog, by times, at http://o.ruk.ca/. It’s a Tumblr blog, which makes it easier to update and maintain than other platforms, and it’s well-suited to kids for this reason (that said, it went away for a year because Tumblr updated its IP address for custom domain names and we didn’t update the settings, so some vigilance is required).

The blog is up and running again now, though, helped in part by Oliver having inherited my old iPod Touch, onto which he’s installed the Tumblr App. This makes posting a photo to his blog as easy as tap-snap-annotate-post.

Oliver Photoblogging

Last night we took this for a ride on a walk around Charlottetown, with Oliver taking pictures of “new” things (Berry Healthy, the new Starbucks on Queen Street, etc.). He jacked into the wifi hotspot on my Firefox OS phone to upload them to the Internet, and so it was almost “live photoblogging” in action. You can see the results here.

Now that all the adults have stopped blogging, perhaps it’s time for the kids to take over?


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Dan James on July 10, 2013 - 18:03 Permalink

We were kids when we started blogging. It’s the circle of life.