Oliver’s Big Invention

I know this will make me unpopular with the Lance Armstrong set, but this whole “wristbands for X” thing is getting out of hand. In the last week I’ve seen white (poverty), pink (cancer) and yellow (strength?). And on Thursday they gave me a red one for donating plasma.

Oliver's Big Invention

I told Oliver I wasn’t going to wear my wristband. His suggestion: use it as a key holder. Brilliant: works great, and makes it really easy to grab keys out of my pocket.


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Cyn on July 17, 2005 - 01:23 Permalink

Yellow is the original ‘Livestrong’ from Lance Armstrong for Cancer Research; Pink is breast cancer; Orange, juvenile diabetes; Camouflage colored ones to support American troops; Blue and white for tsunami relief; rainbow for the gay pride….and so on. It’s a bit much, I agree.

Thank you to Oliver for the great idea. I’ve already converted my keychain.