Oliver at the Virtual Poetry Summit

I’d been hearing Frances Squire talk about the Virtual Poetry Summit for several years now, mostly in the vein of “gee it would be nice of the technology in Island schools supported this sort of collaboration,” but I hadn’t really been paying close attention to what the summit was actually all about.

Until this morning when it came time for Oliver to share his poem with students in New Jersey, Iowa, Pennsylvania and PEI over a Google Hangout. He came up with the poem on the way to Louisbourg in 2008.

When we talk about “computers in the schools,” it’s easy to fall into the trap of imagining the “data processing” aspects of computers as being what we’re talking about – and it’s rare in these discussions that poetry is top-of-mind.

I’m so proud of Oliver for participating, and proud of Frances and Birchwood for overcoming significant technical hurdles to allow them to be part of this event.