The Oliver Feature

I’ve added a new feature to the display of archived posts here, requested by my friend Oliver back in August:

What do you think of putting “next” and “back” buttons on the pages of your archived permalinks? The current set up makes it un-straightforward to read through a sequence of old entries, which I suspect must be a common desire (say, if one of your readers was away for a week and decides a month later to go back to read what she missed, or if a new comment on an archived blog peaks a reader’s interest in thoughts on that topic that you might have blogged in the hours or days immediately following).

Done. Good idea.


Noliver's picture
Noliver on September 21, 2004 - 01:17 Permalink

…except for the permalink to that entry, which needs no “next” or “previous” buttons, it being appropriate that other readers stay and meditate on this fine example of one reader’s perspecacity and selflessness.