Oliver Comics Fear Cool

Oliver’s uncles Johnny and Steve were, for a period of their youth, comic book kids. Which is to say that every Saturday after going to the YMCA and before catching the Canada Coachlines bus home, they would stop at Silver Snail on James St. and load up on New Teen Titans, Justice League of America, etc. While I wouldn’t go as far as saying they were full-on geeky comic kids, I believe they did have acid free plastic bags for their comics, which is certainly an indication of something. And even now I have heard them both emit the phrase “low-level tachion pulse.”

This was all great for me and mid-level brother Mike, as we got to enjoy the fruits of the comic book purchasing and delivery systems without having to bear any of the expense or the shame.

Today wee Oliver and I (who in truth is getting less and less wee everyday) went to the Formosa Tea House for iced tea, stuffed buns and sushi. It was our first Big Trip together without the benefit of stroller, and although there were a couple of “I think I’ll just sit down now in the middle of Kent Street” episodes, he performed remarkably well.

One of the things that being bipedal affords Oliver over being wheeled around is some voice in the direction that our travels take. Often a louder and larger voice than my own. Which is how, post Formosa Tea House, we found ourselves inside Comic Hunter, the “gaming, comics and anime” store that is just down the street.

Now I have been walking by this store for as long as it’s been there, and I’ve never set foot inside the door. This is mostly due to latent fear that I will emerge to find one of my teenage bully arch nemeses outside, and I will get beaten up and have my knapsack thrown all over the schoolyard.

But, with Oliver’s help, I managed to get over this fear and while I don’t think I’m going to become a regular customer, I must say I was intriged by the breadth of the merchandise in the store, much of which, beyond comic books, I had no idea existed. I was intrigued to find, for example, that the have a “super cool lounge/gaming area” where they host a schedule of events for the geeky community.

If this sort of thing keeps up, Oliver’s going to have be inside the Sport Page Club and J. Redshoes before long…