The OG Shed Closes (for now)

An announcement from Hai at The Shed on Facebook:

The hardest thing to share, for us these days is to close the sweetest spot which is our original shop at 99 Pownal. Just to do more crazy things such as installing the new bigger roaster, transforming our lovely coffee shop into a coffee roastery. Meaning,
 — New roaster set up
 — New coffee cupping/tasting events coming
 — New kool product launching
 — New obsession’s foods/bakeries offered.
We will be back even sweeter. 
P.S Just repost a reel capturing our sweetest customers, partners, friends who are non stop encouraging us to make better coffee everyday. Some were gone, some moved away but you’re always in my ❤️. 99 Pownal will see you again, soon.

I’m archiving the Instagram reel here for posterity; points for finding my footprints: