Our adventures in NYC continued for several more days…

Thursday we were back at MacWorld to scour the trade show, followed by a pleasant visit to the new Apple store in SoHo (which is directly across the street from 100 Prince St., New York City, which must prove something). This gave us an opportunity to visit the MOMA Store and the Clifford the Big Red Dog Store too, both of which were great, but for different reasons, or at least in different ways.

On the way back to our hotel from SoHo we committed a Subway Error (the last of several that day) and somehow Dave ended up in Queens while I ended up under Rockefeller Center. Panic ensued and then subsided.

Thursday dinner was at a fantastic Indian restaurant on east 58th which was far too rushed (our fault) to enjoy properly. We then emerged into the rainy New York twilight to try and find a cab to take us across town to the Ricky Jay. It was at this point that we discovered that it’s hard to get a cab in the rain. Luckily we stumbled (we are good stumblers) across a presumably illegal black limo who artfully deposited us 15 blocks away in 15 minutes. We arrived at the theatre at about 8:01 p.m., just as we did the night before for the Mike Daisey. We felt like Masters or the City.

Friday Dave went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and I headed south to my favourite Fountain Pen Hospital to buy a yellow fountain pen, and then over to J&R to purchase various geek supplies.

We spent the balance of Friday taking various taxis and flights back to Halifax (it takes longer to get from midtown to JFK than it does to get from JFK to Logan in Boston). We resisted the temptation to take Delta’s $250US bribe to stay overnight in Boston due to a full flight and arrived in Halifax at about 10:30 p.m.

After a week of “excuse me Sir, but you’ve been selected for a random security check” happening to me 100% of the time (presumably because I was one of those wonky “not flying back to the place from whence I came” fliers), justice was mine when Dave got diverted into the “let’s just double check the amount of goods you say you bought against reality” line (he passed with honourable flying colours).

When it was into Dave’s truck and a quick drive back to the Island. We both agreed that the sweet Maritimes air is much preferable to that in New York.


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Andrew on July 22, 2002 - 14:15 Permalink

Sounds like you two had an awesome little vacation, that’s good. You missed another downtown water line break though. :)

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dave on July 22, 2002 - 21:08 Permalink

No, no, not a vacation…. a business trip!