Off to New York City to kick off an American tour. Expect much scatterbrained, U.S.-influenced posting.

Update: In the Air Canada lounge in Montreal. Stale bagels, free Internet, Bran Flakes. Who could ask for anything more!

Update: Newark Airport (now named “Newark Liberty Airport” apparently, in a bold move of oxymoronicism) is the worst airport in the world. I gave up trying to find buses, trains, or other non-taxi transport after 30 minutes of trying and took a cab. As I type this, I’m sitting on the second floor of 75 Broad St. in Manhattan, which is the former headquarters of ITT. There is so much Internet flowing through this building, that if you plugged an Ethernet into your ear, I assume you would become all-knowing and all-seeing. I haven’t tried this yet.

Update: There are many, many, many places to eat lunch in and around wall street. There are police everywhere here, and where there aren’t police there are private security. But everyone is very nice.