Nothing Ventured

Tod is is reporting that among the shows that won’t be on CBC Television’s fall schedule is Venture.

Venture was never the same after Robert Scully stopped being host — he was a great interviewer, and managed to make business seem interesting in a way that it never was on the pages of the Globe and Mail. Before “reality television” was popular, and before shows like Opening Soon came along, Venture perfected the “following entrepreneurs around with a video camera through the ups and downs and seeing how business actually works” segment, and Scully provided excellent play-by-play.

In recent years the program has bounced around the schedule, and launched inane side-projects like “let’s make the FedEx delivery driver CEO for a day.” The program never regained the focus and soul it had under Scully, and it doesn’t surprise me that it’s not being renewed.

It’s too bad, however, that we’ll no longer had an irreverent weekly look at the business world from the inside.