Notes from All Over

Kent Street Pizza (in the space formerly occupied by Mr. Big Pizza at Kent and Prince) makes good pizza: thin crust, good ingredients, friendly phone staff. A little too much cheese on our test pizza, but we’ll ask them to adjust that next time.

Century City, the new legal drama on CBS set in 2030, is interesting, but I think they’re going to run out of interesting “future legal issue” plotlines before a single season is over. Suggestion to producers: if you’re trying to convince us that it’s 2030, don’t cast Hector Elizondo and Donnelly Rhodes.

TLC aka The Learning Channel, is now almost completely home renovations shows. In prime time you’d be hard pressed to see something that’s not Trading Spaces, While You Were Out, or some variation thereof. Prediction: in the next 24 months TLC will spin off a new channel, called “The Renovation Channel,” that plays nothing else but.

The Formosa Tea House in its new location is a rousing success. The Rice Topping (vegetables and mushrooms over rice) is the star of the new menu. The space is open and bright. New staff are nice. And the Wasabi Peas are back (25 cents a pack at the front counter).

The Taj Mahal, the Indian restaurant on University Ave., is now scheduled to open in April rather than June.

You can fly JetBlue from Denver to Boston for $79US. This is crazy.

You can take the Fung Wah Bus from Boston to New York for $10US. This is crazy too.

Prediction: within 12 months at least one hotel or B&B on Prince Edward Island will offer guests an optional goldfish in tank for the duration of their stay.

This House Has 22 Minutes is no longer funny. Monday Report is funny.

Bruce Rainnie is doing a good job on Compass. Prediction: within 36 months, I will be the only person left on PEI calling the supper hour newscast Compass.


Mandy's picture
Mandy on March 17, 2004 - 06:11 Permalink

Andrea and I have said it before and will say it again, we want TLC to carry history specials like it once did. It’s depressing. As much as I enjoy the eye candy that is Jesse James, even the Discovery Channel is all renovations shows (even if they are on cars). And sadly even A&E is getting in on the action. There is nothing on tv anymore aside from Queer As Folk and History of War Thursdays.

And don’t worry, as long as it is on, I will always call the 6 o’clock local news Compass. And I think Bruce is the cat’s pajama’s

Rusty's picture
Rusty on March 17, 2004 - 14:40 Permalink

Wait a sec … you mean there’s another name for “Compass”?

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Kelly on March 17, 2004 - 14:51 Permalink

I still call it Compass, and the dynamic between Boomer and Bruce is great. It’s obvious that they are off camera friends, and it has brought back some of the feel that the show was lacking after Compass ended. I am just so glad to see Sara all but gone.

Andrew Chisholm's picture
Andrew Chisholm on March 17, 2004 - 15:22 Permalink

I don’t mean to pick but it freaks me out how islanders can’t let old names go. Examples: Towers, Kmart and now… Compass. Towers is now the Charlottetown Mall, Kmart is now Belvedere Plaza and Compass is now Canada Now.

OK. Compass is still Compass and will remain that way until Bruce stops calling it the “Compass portion of Canada Now”. Damn CBC rebels.

Mandy's picture
Mandy on March 18, 2004 - 04:08 Permalink

Andrew — what’s wrong with us calling things by the old names? We like something, and we stick to it.. sort of like when the exhibition rolls into town. We’ll forever and always call it Soggy Reid’s “Bill Lynch” Carnival

I’ve never heard anyone call the area where Kmart was “Kmart” because it was actually torn down, where as “Towers” was not.

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Peter Rukavina on March 18, 2004 - 15:13 Permalink

When we moved here in 1993, a good proportion of the apartment for rent ads in the Guardian had “close to Kmart” as one of their positive attributes.

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Mandy on March 18, 2004 - 22:16 Permalink

I grew up “close to Kmart” and the store was just a way of life in our neighborhood.