Notebooks Mania

I’ve been on something of a notebook-marking tear this week. Every once in a while I remind myself that it’s possible to actually make your own notebooks – it comes as a surprise to me every time!

This time around it’s all by way of beta-testing perfect-binding approach for my book of klischees: I’m experimenting with glue and covers and using ribbons and string as bound-in bookmarks.

For today’s project I took 20 sheets of letter-sized paper and cut them in half, and then folded each each into a signature for the notebook; I stacked the signatures together into a text block, added some end papers, clamped the result in a book press, and glued the spine with white glue (three coats).

For the cover I used an old issue of Volume magazine: I cut off its back cover, sized it to the book, and glued it – and a string for the bookmark — to the text block.


Notebook Endpapers