Note to future

The trend today appears to be making notes to the future.

Here is a note to those in the future after I have gone: you don’t have permission to “pore over my hard drive.” When I die, take my computer and throw it away.

My thinking in this regard is prompted by the announcement that a posthumous Douglas Adams novel, extruded from his hard drive, will be published next year.

I think this is a stupid, insulting and inane idea.

All you will find on my hard drive is a bunch of software to help you find out what the weather was like on July 12, 1994. And some pictures of Oliver. And a recipe for peach pie. I suppose you could cobble this together into a very mundane sort of novel. But I’d rather you didn’t. And, truth be told, give the fact the I am not like Douglas Adams in any important regard, nor would you try.

But just in case someone ever has the inclination, let this serve as official notice that I forbid you. So there.