Noodle House Update

We received bittersweet news from the Noodle House this weekend: in April owners Tommy and Lina Ko are moving to Toronto. The news is only bittersweet because they’re remaining partners in the business, and they’ll be back every summer.

The new day-to-day partners will be arriving from Toronto in April, and they’ll be a three or four week crossover period while they learn the ropes. Seems as though they might have some exciting new developments planned, including the possibility of dim sum on the weekends.

There’s no doubt that Tommy and Lina deserve a break — they’ve been at the restaurant six days a week since we moved here 13 years ago (to say nothing of the regrettable events of last year) — but we’ll miss them dearly nonethless.

If you’ve grown used to Lina remembering your order by heart, you’ve got another month or so to drop in and say thanks.