Nokia Internet Radio

I was confused. I’d been under the impression that S60 Internet Radio and Nokia Internet Radio where the same application. It turns out that the former is an older proof-of-concept application from Nokia Research, whereas the later is a much more polished application. And it’s really quite neat.

Fire up the application and you see a variety of ways to search for stations — genre, language, country. Select a genre, see a list of stations; select a station and the station buffers and then starts to stream:

Nokia Internet Radio Station Directory - Share on Ovi Nokia Internet Radio Station - Share on Ovi
Nokia Internet Radio Connecting - Share on Ovi Nokia Internet Radio Playing - Share on Ovi

A streaming audio player isn’t, of course, a revolutionary app in and of itself. But a streaming audio player, elegantly wrapped up like this, and pocket-sized, makes for a very nice musical appliance.


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til on September 15, 2008 - 14:55 Permalink

This is indeed a nice application, thanks for the tipp. Listening to WFMU right now, my alltime favourite station for weird music.

It’d be even nicer if this functionality was integrated into the music player program, then the N95 media keys would work for example, oh well.