The Noisebridge Elevator

Scotty Allen has crafted a small collection of YouTube videos on his hacking adventures, the most well-known of which is How I Made My Own iPhone — in China. His latest video, however, is by far the most interesting yet: a 20 minute documentary about the San Francisco anarchist hackerspace Noisebridge.

I’d never heard about Noisebridge, but after watching the documentary, I fell in love.

Even better than the video, however, is the Noisebridge Wiki; my favourite page there is the one about the elevator, which starts:

The elevator is perhaps the jankyest and most dangerous thing we have at Noisebridge. Please do not use it unless absolutely necessary.

In Scotty’s documentary, one of the people he interviewed said that Noisebridge was reason enough to visit San Francisco; given that I have a brother and two nieces in the Bay Area, I think I’ve all the excuses I need to make a trip soon.



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Frances on December 28, 2017 - 20:05 Permalink

Sic! Love. Love. Most certainly an excellent reason to visit SF. I often imagine Founder's Hall as the perfect makerspace and creative inventorium.