Yesterday the insanity of having a fully equipped laptop but no spring jacket hit me squarely, as I found myself shivering down the frigid streets of Copenhagen at 11:30 p.m. with exhausted wrists and a weakened mind. I have decided that today I will divert from the well-trodden lemming path, and leave the laptop at home. I’ve got the REI jacket loaded up with pen and a Moleskin and I’m ready to rock. As such, today’s blog will be delivered to you on bits of paper with tiny scrawled notes that you will find in the oddest of places.


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Peter Rukavina on June 12, 2005 - 01:43 Permalink

Post-game analysis: I think I took better, richer notes with my Moleskin than with my iBook. This was perhaps due to lack of distractions (i.e. checking Slashdot every 5 minutes, missing most of the presentation in the process, etc.), but also somewhat related to my higher degree of awakeness today, and the lack of effective note-taking tools on my laptop. Martin said tonight that he has “mind mapping” software on his tablet that lets him take better, richer notes digitally.