No Longer Wee Oliver

It’s been raining babies in Charlottetown this year — everywhere you look they’re breaking out. Oliver is no longer wee by comparison, but sometimes it’s good to remember that he once was:

Oliver in Harrisville, 2001

The photo is by my friend Steve Muskie and was taken at Steve’s house in Harrisville, NH in the spring of 2001 when Oliver was eight months old.

And as proof of what utterly irresponsible parents we were, here’s me hanging on to Oliver in the back up a pickup truck cum taxi in Chiang Mai, Thailand 8 months later in the water of 2002:

Pickup Trunk in Chiang Mai

And finally here’s a photo from that summer, when Oliver was walking (he’d taken his first real steps the month before during a visit from my parents):

Oliver in PEI National Park