No IKEA for you

I sent a request to IKEA asking them to open a store in Atlantic Canada. This is their response:

At this time, there are no plans to open IKEA stores in any new Canadian markets. As you may know, IKEA is a private company so our rate of growth and expansion is perhaps less aggressive than what may be traditional in the retail industry. As a self-financing company, our current plans are to remodel and expand our existing Canadian stores and to open other locations within the same market. Many of our Canadian stores are at capacity so we will be working to improve our service in these areas to accommodate current and potential growth There is a well thought out list of criteria that needs to be met around the world for any new store to be considered (including market shares, population density, furniture spending, and household demographics etc.). IKEA International currently looks for new markets that have well over 1 million in population. The most recent store opening in North America was in Coquitlam, British Columbia, and Russia’s first store opened last summer in Moscow.
So you can now get oddly-named cheap furniture in Moscow, but not anywhere in Canada east of Montreal.


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Oliver on October 16, 2002 - 05:10 Permalink

I thought that was an amazing answer, though, as far as being an actual and matter-of-fact answer, which is so rare, and especially if it was composed just for you. I suppose they must get quite a few inquiries from Canadian towns of less than 40,000 yuppies per square kilometer, so it might have been a canned reply.

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Alan on October 16, 2002 - 11:57 Permalink

We have mail order IKEA sofa, shelving, chairs, etc. The service is excellent and cheap shipping costs. They will even instruct the delivery guy which room to put the sofa.

There was an IKEA in Burnside until around 1988 but it was their test store in Canada [if not North America] and when they decided to take the leap into the full market it no loger fitted the plan.

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Kevin O on October 17, 2002 - 13:16 Permalink

That answer sounded almost scarily honest.

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Alan on October 17, 2002 - 13:47 Permalink

Swedes can’t lie — it is medically proven…

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ij on October 18, 2002 - 18:28 Permalink

Coquitlam has over 1,000,000 people???

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Sharon Williams on July 14, 2004 - 04:29 Permalink

1,000,000 people — what about Winnipeg, Manitoba? We would draw from the surrounding cities plus the U.S. Any plans on an Ikea in Manitoba?? The closest Ikea is Minneapolis which is about 8 hours away.

Sharon Williams

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Peter Rukavina on July 14, 2004 - 13:46 Permalink

I heard a rumour this week that there might be an Ikea headed for Moncton.

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Derek Martin on July 14, 2004 - 15:18 Permalink

In a recent article ( I can’t find it now, but it was last week) about selling their Dartmouth plant, Ikea claims to have no plans to open new outlets, preferring to continue to improve their existing ones. I’d love to see them in Moncton. I’d also like to see them open mini-Ikeas, where you can buy some of the smaller items and have assisted catalogue shopping.

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Frank on July 31, 2004 - 06:31 Permalink

Found this thread while searching for information on an Ikea in Moncton. I live in Moncton and have also heard some rumors.
The facts:
There is a major new building being built — big enough for an IKEA. And just recently, they’ve covered two of its sides with “IKEA blue” siding … Now what other major store has that distinctive blue siding ??? So it seems to match the rumors ….

We should know within a week or two I suppose

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Nathan on September 9, 2004 - 10:04 Permalink

You talk of the Blue building in Trinity Drive, I have seen it and have noticed they have put in a Bulk Barn on One End of it. Having been to a couple different Ikeas when I lived in Toronto, I would have to say our hopes and dreams have been shot down, because I have never seen an Ikea with any other store attached to it. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Jessie on October 27, 2004 - 20:22 Permalink

So, what is the verdict? IS there an IKEA in Moncton, or not?

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Got-it! on November 23, 2004 - 21:20 Permalink

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Brian Butler on December 4, 2004 - 03:35 Permalink

I hear that IKEA is planning to bulid on Hwy 107 in Dartmouth… It seems that a new Business park is being planned. (Just rumor I think)

Why would Ikea build a store in Moncton and not have one in the HRM? If Halifax doesn’t have the population… how could Moncton?


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Dante Gordon on December 20, 2004 - 22:22 Permalink

The reason IKEA sets up in Moncton and not in Halifax, I hazard to guess, is Sunday shopping, not population. Why operate a store 6 out of 7 days (with a small population), when you can go great guns 7 out of 7 (with an equally small population)? They must know that people will drive to Moncton from Halifax if they really want something. Shipping distance will also be shorter and less expensive (well, less expensive than opening a store!).

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elise on February 17, 2005 - 04:08 Permalink

After reading that answer from ikea, I have lost all hope. Nova Scotia as a province doesn’t even have that many people (1 million).

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Sam Adams on June 24, 2005 - 21:02 Permalink

I agree, Moncton seems to be the shopping center for NB, PEI and some Sunday shoppers from NS. Saint John gets bypassed by the provincial Gov’t who encourage people to bypass it. Now they are giving breaks to Molson to set up shop in Moncton in stead of Saint John where it is brewed by Moosehead. Hey Mr Lord, where ya from, have anything to do with it??

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jen on August 18, 2005 - 22:15 Permalink

i think halifax should have an ikea .they would do so well everybody would shop there.But the chances r that we wont .we r just getting a old navy now

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Michelle on August 19, 2005 - 11:49 Permalink

I think Moncton should get the ikea, moncton is central to the atlantic provinces and connects us to the other provinces. Moncton is already a great shopping place with a huge mall which is getting an HMV in sept and the trinity power center which has so manys stores including an old navy… all moncton is missing is an Ikea, DO IT!

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Adam on September 9, 2005 - 03:01 Permalink

We have had a HMV forever, plus no one buys CD’S anymore, most people in halifax have iPods and buy online, plus you can open on Sundays here it just has a penelty, but some stores in HRM just pay it anyway its like $5000. Yes the new park in Dartmouth will be as big or bigger than Bayers Lake. Employing 15 000 people with two hotels and be split into different section(one for housewares, another for building supplies and so on). IKEA should set up here. Remember its not just about the population its about the class of people who live in it.

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Adam on September 9, 2005 - 03:09 Permalink

Halifax has a Build- A- Bear Workshop before IKEA, like come on. Those who don’t know what this is and live in Halifax Mic Mac Mall this fall is all I’m going to say. To those people of Moncton who don’t know what this store is, your just stupid!

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Amber on October 16, 2005 - 04:40 Permalink

i heard that were getting a michaels in bayers lake its a huge craft store, i also heard bayers lake is getting ikea also. but i’ll call the city and ask them whats being built! then i;ll let you guys know

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S.G. on November 9, 2005 - 00:58 Permalink

Moncton? It’s way too small. Halifax is the perfect place and they are building the Dartmouth Crossing on Highway 118 and I am sure they will have an Ikea. Besides, Moncton is way too small to have an Ikea but Halifax is the perfect place. You only see Ikea’s in big cities anyway!

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Joce on November 24, 2005 - 14:23 Permalink

Moncton would be perfect for an Ikea. Moncton is the shopping capital of the maritimes, We would attract student business from Mount Allison, UNB, Universite de Moncton, ABU and many Colleges in the greater Moncton area at least. Many from North East NB come down to shop in Moncton anyway. And I think for an Ikea people from Nova scotia would come up too.

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jocelyne on November 24, 2005 - 14:24 Permalink

And another thing….The Rolling Stones only go in big cities too!! ;)
I guess moncton is a big city after all!

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John on November 30, 2005 - 23:12 Permalink

Jocelyne, the Rolling Stones concert in Moncton proved they don’t just go to big cities.

Jesus cripes Moncton, get over yourselves. You’re about 25% of the population of Halifax. Saint John is bigger than you guys, but you don’t see them constantly trying to outdo Halifax. That’s why I like Saint John.

By the way, I don’t really understand how the Champlain Place mall can advertise itself as the largest mall in the Maritimes when it has 160 stores. Mic Mac Mall has 160 and Halifax Shopping Centre has 170. Can anyone explain?

I apoligize if I’m being rude, however it does get tiresome constantly hearing about Moncton possibly getting the CFL franchise. (If I hear that 1.4 million figure again, I’m going to explode. Nobody’s going to drive 3 goddamn hours to see a football game).

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kat on December 2, 2005 - 16:11 Permalink

john: your comments about moncton are quite rude. i’ve lived in both halifax and moncton. i do agree that halifax is bigger but the moncton/dieppe area is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. we are building lots of commercial buildings because we can! halifax is more a place where people go to party, moncton is where they go to shop. you obviously have never lived in moncton or you wouldn’t put it down. it is a wonderful city and not as small as you think. those who live there love it for good reason. halifax is known as the murder capital of canada right now, which doesn’t help for business. and just to let you guys know, while in halifax i did a brief job for Ikea to see if the Maritimes would get a store anytime soon. That was in 2003 and the answer was no at that point. Part of the reason for Nova Scotia was because there is no Sunday shopping. But there was not much talk at that point to one in Moncton but the way it’s growing, you never know. I mean they did give us an Old Navy….

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Marc N on December 2, 2005 - 20:25 Permalink

but the moncton/dieppe area is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada”

Where in the heck did you hear this?
Moncton registered a 3% growth rate in the last census. The average for Canada at that time was 4%. So Moncton was not even on par for average growth!

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John on December 9, 2005 - 03:38 Permalink

Sorry guys, I was in a bad mood when I wrote that.

By the way Kat, we have 2 Old Navys… ;)

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Jenn on March 20, 2006 - 22:46 Permalink

Alright honestly, what difference does it make if it is Moncton or Halifax. We will all get there if we really want too. Although, quiet honestly…Halifax is bigger, and Mic Mac Mall is officially the largest mall east of Montreal, Champlain is the biggest one story mall. Also if we were to talk about which was the shopping capital of the Maritimes, it would be clearly noted as the HRM. There are definitely more available stores here than anywhere else in the Maritimes. They may not all be in one building, but they are all here within the vacinity. Also, with the current construction of the New Business Park in Dartmouth (and it is there, because I can see it from my backyard)there will be even more shopping available here than there was before. Halifax is also the Eastern gateway to the country, gathering more tourists than Moncton and the surrounding area. Halifax has also become a new and very common docking point for many cruise lines, because of the harbour. Many of these ships are Americans who choose to take advantage of cheaper prices here. All and all, I would say that Ikea is ridiculous not to have a store here. I think they would find themselves gathering a lot more business than they think.

Oh, and John!! Halifaz has 2 Old Navy’s too :)

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Sandra on April 18, 2006 - 03:21 Permalink

My mother lives in Halifax and we were talking about a pontential Ikea return. I guess this answers it. All the banter about Moncton versus Halifax was entertaining. I live near Detroit, Michigan…the greater Detroit area has population of about 5 million. We have just about every store you can imagine (lots of Pottery Barns, William Sonoma, Banana Repulics, Tiffanys and so many more)…..but NO Ikea! I want one too.

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Sandra on April 18, 2006 - 03:22 Permalink

My mother lives in Halifax and we were talking about a potential Ikea return. I guess this answers it. All the banter about Moncton versus Halifax was entertaining. I live near Detroit, Michigan…the greater Detroit area has population of about 5 million. We have just about every store you can imagine (lots of Pottery Barns, William Sonoma, Banana Republics, Tiffanys and so many more)…..but NO Ikea! I want one too.

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T on August 1, 2006 - 19:45 Permalink

Moncton is an aweful city and compared to Halifax it’s even worse. How can anyone say that it’s a “shopping capital”? Actually to be honest I can’t stand the province of NB. My bf teases me about this — whenever anyone mentions NB, I actually physically cringe. Ick.
But then again I guess I’m biased — I’m from Halifax. Though I don’t live there — it’s not big enough for me either. Ontario is where it’s at. Loads of IKEAS and other stores.

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Lisa on August 17, 2006 - 18:39 Permalink

Hi! It is now the Fall of 2006. I also heard an Ikea was opening in the new business park in Dartmouth. Does anyone know of any updated news? Has anyone driven by the construction and seen any grand opening billboards with dates, store names, etc?
I also can`t believe HRM does not have an Ikea store. It`s about time.

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laddie on September 3, 2006 - 21:40 Permalink

I sell to Costco Canada at their head office in Ottawa. I was told on Friday that a new Costco was opening in Dartmouth and would be situated next to an Ikea store. Frankly, I couldn’t care less where an Ikea opened — I’m more intereted in the new Costco.

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angela on January 27, 2007 - 13:26 Permalink

Ikea will not be coming to Halifax, if you go to google and type in Dartmouth Crossing it will show you what stores are comin and Ikea isnt one of them„,I have emailed Ikea about them coming here and they have not answered me and I emailed 3 times…in the Dartmouth Crossing website there is also no mention of a Costco coming either

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D on January 31, 2007 - 03:53 Permalink

Just to add a little history here… The first Ikea in Canada was in Dartmouth. Just a little ahead of its time I guess.

And, not that I think there really _will_ be an Ikea at Dartmouth Crossing, but do you really think they would announce it at the same time as PetCetera? I think not. I think they would milk the rumour mill as long as possible.

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D on January 31, 2007 - 03:57 Permalink

To quote:…

This was IKEA flag ship store in Canada. IKEA was open on Sundays, which was illegal in Nova Scotia until fall 2006. Sunday shopping at IKEA was a family outing for many people. The Government forced IKEA to close on Sundays in 1988, and IKEA responded by closing its Dartmouth store a few months later in 1988, and moved its operations to the Quebec City store. IKEA vowed it would never return to Nova Scotia.”

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laddie on March 6, 2007 - 05:22 Permalink

Costco is going into Dartmouth. It won’t be announced until June or July. It’s slated to open Fall 2007.

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Carol on April 9, 2007 - 22:35 Permalink

Having moved to Moncton from Winnipeg last year, IKEA rumours are not new to me. Every year Ikea has to deny the rumours in Winnipeg. This winter, as part of their denial, their vp of sales indicated that their only Canadian plans are to renovate one Ontario store and open a new store in Halifax (sometime before 2010). Winnipeg does too good a mail order business to get a store.

Now with regard to that Moncton vs Halifax debate I read above… we moved to Moncton to be in the centre of it all, and still be a small town. Dieppe, not Moncton is the 5th fastest growing city (but with hardly any services, thank you very much, and taxes through the roof). I love being close enough to everyone, including Halifax. 2 hrs and 20 mins is a hop, skip and a jump, to someone who lived on the prairies where the next major city was 8 hours away!

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Jenn on April 15, 2007 - 13:05 Permalink

IKEA will be coming to Dartmouth Crossing in HRM — my cousin is an engineer working on the space specifically set aside for IKEA — they were apparently waiting for Sunday shopping to arrive before deciding to set up shop here…

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No Ikea on May 29, 2007 - 00:01 Permalink

There is no Ikea coming to Dartmouth Crossing, your cousin is mistaken. There is however a store owned and operated by the Ikea corporation will be opening soon. Same merchandaise, Same catalog, not as big…


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I want IKEA! on July 20, 2007 - 16:56 Permalink

So, what is the name of the Ikea owened store opening Dartmouth Crossing? Is it JYSK? If so, I have looked at their catelogue and it is not, I repeat, not the same as Ikea. Guess our dreams have been shattered again..

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I want IKEA! on July 20, 2007 - 16:57 Permalink

The new Costco will be opening in the Spring of ‘08 in Dartmouth Crossing! Can’t wait!!!

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S on July 31, 2007 - 00:07 Permalink

Actually, the Costco is scheduled to open before Christmas of 2007. You would be surprised how fast they can throw those buildings up! keep an eye out!

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prue on September 9, 2007 - 13:36 Permalink…

It includes the list of existing stores, and at the bottom of the page includes all the stores coming up in the next year….nothing in Canada sorry!

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Erick L on October 9, 2007 - 22:21 Permalink

Alright honestly, what difference does it make if it is Moncton or Halifax. We will all get there if we really want too. Although, quiet honestly…Halifax is bigger, and Mic Mac Mall is officially the largest mall east of Montreal”

Quebec city has two shopping center by a mile largest than any other shopping centers located in Halifax with a high end thenat like Simons, Rolft, ect. Its some kind funny to see how Halifax don`t care about Moncton, but at the end of the day, both are market small in regard to Montreal ( a real city ) as well as Quebec……

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Donna` on December 5, 2007 - 22:35 Permalink

I have a question for all you Halifax people, my son is moving to the University area in Jan. I was looking to see if there was an IKEA there hoping to be able to get him a gift certicate to use once there. It looks as if that idea is shot down. So my question is what stores are around that would be good for a college kid to go get an apartment established. (He is flying over from Alberta with suitcase in hand so will have nothing).

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Don on January 29, 2008 - 04:15 Permalink

No Ikea in Halifax. YET — SEE BELOW

Best thing might be to give him a budget on a card. There are three universities, an art school and a college in the city, so there’s tons of used stuff around. Common stores are Atlantic Superstore (Superstore — as in Loblaws), Zellers, Sears, and Winners/Homesense stores. There are some other stores too, but local (futon shops, used furniture stores). University classifieds are great — if he’s at Dal the classifieds are really busy.

IKEA IN HALIFAX — has anyone in Halifax noticed the big Blue and Yellow structure going up on Chain Lake Road out by Bayers Lake? IS THIS A NEW IKEA???


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Lola on January 29, 2008 - 12:01 Permalink

That big blue and yellow building out in Bayers Lake is most likely a Best Buy just like the one over in Dartmouth Crossing.

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LB on February 4, 2008 - 00:29 Permalink

The new building in Bayers Lake (near the car dealership) is a Rona.