Nib Size

Insiders at The Bookmark inform me that they have two TWSBI Iris fountain pens on order:

New Titanium finish Vac700R, every single pen is slightly different and unique in its color, not one is exactly the same. 

It is a sharp-looking pen from one of my favourite pen makers.

TWSBI Iris Fountain Pen

On the product page for the pen is a helpful guide to choosing the right nib size:

  • If you write small, go with an EF
  • For the normal writer, F is the most popular
  • If you tend to lean on a bigger font, M will be perfect
  • B is for statements!! Sign a check in B, write a header in B, do some coloring/shading in B
  • Stub nibs are italic in writing style (have a special card or invitation to write?)

I love that.


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