News Flash: Playhouse Opens Wednesday

The bar formerly know as “The Playhouse” at the corner of University Ave. and Fitzroy St. in Charlottetown, under renovation for as long as anyone can remember, reopens Wednesday, November 24 at 5:00 p.m.

As far as I understand, the Reid family, formerly of JR’s (etc.) down by the railway station, are the owners now. I think their renovation qualifies as the slowest in history; I’m quite excited to see the results inside.

My first meal out with a Real Islander (okay, he wasn’t born here, but he had recorded a CD of his songs, many of which were odes to PEI, so I think he qualified for some sort of “early-release program” from mainlandedness) was at the basement restaurant at JR’s. There was a lot of beef involved. And country music. It was great.