Newly Acquired Stuff

When I’m traveling away from Prince Edward Island I give myself permission to be more liberal in my media impulse purchases. Living here in the remotest edge of the country, there’s plenty of Danielle Steel to go around, but anarchist zines are few and far between. So I seize the moments. Here’s what I collected on last week’s trip to Toronto:

Along the way I also had a very nice stuffed naan at Dufflet Pastries, several very good cups of coffee at My Dog Joe in Hamilton, a decent Vietnamese meal at Little Saigon on the mountain in Hamilton, a fantastic vegetarian hotdog at Easterbrooks in Aldershot and saw Inception on the IMAX.


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BJ McDonald on August 2, 2010 - 01:46 Permalink

hi, Peter. If u have a chance give us a call — we would love 2 c u. we have no kids, alas, for O to play with. they are at camp/uncles houses. hope yr tirip is good. love yr blog, B