New Town and Country Redux

I returned to the Town & Country this afternoon, my second visit (first one got reported here) since Louis and Faida retired.

Wow — what a different a couple of weeks makes: everything was running like a top, service was super-quick, complete and friendly. And the food — I ordered the chicken saté with rice — was well-prepared and spiced with an excellent amount of fire. After we’d eaten the owner came over to make sure everything was okay.

So it looks like the T&C is back — it’s not the old T&C, and it never will be. But if they keep this up, it will become a regular stop on my lunch rounds.


Peter Rukavina's picture
Peter Rukavina on March 4, 2007 - 01:03 Permalink

Catherine, Oliver and I went back for dinner tonight. Oliver had the Japanese chicken nuggets, which were excellent; so was Catherine’s chicken curry. Service was A1.

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Cyn on March 4, 2007 - 02:24 Permalink

My first and second visit were both fab. They have done a great job making the transition. Now a regular for me too.

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Bon on March 4, 2007 - 18:13 Permalink

wow, i’ve been in the house too much. i didn’t even realize the Rasheds had sold the place…but i’m glad it’s finding its stride under the new owners.

will have to send Dave down for takeout. like maybe, now? drooling.

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Clark on July 12, 2007 - 20:35 Permalink

We also found the service excellent during our recent lunch time visit. Food was so so.

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Dale on July 13, 2007 - 03:38 Permalink

Today I couldn’t decide where to go for supper. None of my usual spots downtown appealed to me right then, and although I had a hankering for the Noodle House, I was on foot and was concerned about getting caught in a rainstorm. On my way up Queen Street, I spotted the Town & Country and remembered your post about it. I probably would never have given it a second glance otherwise. I ordered the Indonesian (green) curry and requested the vegetarian option, to which the waitress asked if I would like to have it with tofu. YES! I very much enjoyed the meal, and just wanted to thank you for blogging about the restaurant. I now have another vegetarian-friendly option in downtown Charlottetown.