New Things to Print

I did some letterpress printing today, taking the things I acquired last weekend at the Printing Arts Fair out for a ride.




Monotype Engravers Bold

A caution to those of you who might someday have cause to transport metal type in your carry-on luggage through airport security: when the security agents look at it on their X-ray machine, like Superman being protected from Kryptonite, it shows up as an impenetrable blob and makes them them “hmmmm….” and proceed to disassemble the carrier’s luggage, the packaging around said metal type, re-X-ray and so on. The TSA agents at Logan Airport who did this on Tuesday were extremely careful and pleasant about this, and although I was delayed 20 minutes, it was about as pleasant a 20 minutes as you can imagine spending at a TSA checkpoint.

When I came to pass through security at Trudeau Airport in Montreal on the next leg of my journey I removed the type from my luggage and placed it in the tray with my liquids and my laptop and the security people didn’t bat an eye or ask a question.