New London: The Lost Dream

Since I joined the Publishing Committee of Island Studies Press I’ve had the opportunity to read many interesting manuscripts. The first of these to come to publication happens to be by my friend John Cousins, and it went on sale for pre-ordering this week.

I recommend you buy a copy: you can do it right now, online.

New London: The Lost Dream is an entertainingly-told tale of the audacious plan to craft a new community on Prince Edward Island’s north shore.

This is not the history of the New London we all know and love, the one with the pottery shop and the L.M. Montgomery Birthplace. It is, rather, the tale of the original settlement of New London, some 10 km away, close to modern day Park Corner and French River, along the length of the Cape Road. What is now a bucolic Island landscape of farms and seashore was once the site of a settlement of industrious new Islanders; that this settlement came, thrived for a time, and then faded away to the point where it appears, surveying the landscape, to never have existed at all, is remarkable.

John’s tale of the rise and fall of this attempt to create a “New London” on the north shore of the Island provides both insights into the history of an area I know and love dearly as well as an education in the political turmoil of pre-Confederation Prince Edward Island.

Did I mention that you should go and pre-order a copy?

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Mary Armitage on June 24, 2019 - 12:29 Permalink

May I buy a copy of this book, please. I live in England. How do I do it. I do have a credit card.