New Hampshire’s trend-setting podcaster

New Hampshire Business Review picked to the Judcasting story in an article titled Meet N.H.’s trend-setting podcaster: ‘Yankee’ magazine (article behind registration wall). Here’s a sample:

If you were looking for a New Hampshire example of podcasting, that buzz-worthy, supercool paradigm-shifter, where would you look?
Somewhere new, somewhere hip, somewhere edgy. Somewhere like … Yankee magazine.
Yankee magazine?!?!
That’s right: As far as I can tell, one of the very first regular podcasts in New Hampshire was launched in mid-May by that Dublin-based home to all things old-timey.
I was tickled when I discovered this, and even more tickled when I realized that the podcast distributes “Jud’s New England Journal.” These journals are the monthly musings of Editor-in-Chief Jud Hale Sr. — who, at age 72, is about 71 years older than podcasting itself, and who once started a column with the anti-buzz philosophy “In New England, old is good while new is, at best, suspect.”

You can subscribe to Jud’s podcast on YANKEE’s website.