On never knowing who’s going to show up…

The Bookmark hosted a virtual book launch for Alan Doyle tonight; he was interviewed by Kim Stockwood to rollicking good effect.

Doyle talked about the St. John’s pub culture, and how one of the important aspects of it is that you never know who’s going to show up.

Hearing that, I realized that’s what I miss about going to Receiver Coffee every morning: the random happenstance of chance meetings that give life so much of its flavour.

One day I might sit down for tea with Bob and Earlene, the next with Ann and David. Windsor might be in for an espresso, Rob might be parked behind his iPad, and, on a rare day, Thelma might be in town from up west.

I’m not so down on Zoom-socializing as many others, but there’s no debating that you can’t accidentally bump into someone on Zoom. Life under COVID is all organized virtual play dates and no unexpected pickup basketball.