National Zine > PowerPoint Month

As you know, this month is National Zine > PowerPoint Month in Canada1, the month every year where we replace PowerPoint presentations with handcrafted zines.

Tonight I’m presenting a show-and-tell about our printing and paper adventures in Europe in April and May, and it only made sense that I follow suit and replace a slide deck of photos of printing presses and boxes with a zine.

I decided this while in the print shop without a computer, so I went old school, and used only pen and ink, plus the Parish Hall photocopier, to make the entire thing.

If you’re free at 6:00 p.m. tonight (June 8, 2024), come by The Bookmark and get yourself a copy and hear to my presentation.

1. This is not true. I made it up.

A photo of a stack of zines produced for tonight's meeting.