Myrna, book me on the 4:15 to Düsseldorf

Every Wednesday in my email in-box is Air Canada’s announcement of their weekly mini-seat-sale, a customized list of on-sale fares from Charlottetown. Because you can customize this email for any of Air Canada’s departure cities, I have to assume that the selection of the destinations is done by a computer not a person, and so often I end up with unexpected cities as suggestions. This week it as Düsseldorf:

Air Canada to Dusseldorf email detail screen shot

My only experience of Düsseldorf to this point in my life is through the mid-1960s American television show Hogan’s Heros. Not American television’s finest hour, but we watched it eagerly nonetheless (and gained not only a warped perception of World War II, but also a warped perception of Germans).

And now Air Canada thinks I should go there. I’m tempted to do so, just to call their bluff.

(see also On Sale Now: St. John’s to Bogota — similar thoughts from 2005)