My Sphere of Influence

I’ve been running Latitude Auto-Update on my Nokia Lumia 800 for the last month: it sends my current location to Google Latitude every 30 minutes. Here’s the last 14 days of my location on a map:

14 Days of My Location

It’s rather obvious that the day-to-day path of my life is concentrated in a narrow band along Richmond Street that connects home to office, with occasional field trips to the inner suburbs.


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dghughes on April 12, 2012 - 05:32 Permalink

I’ve found that Google Latitiude results can vary wildly, even two different mobile phone providers, Bell and Rogers, and two different Android phones from two different manufacturers, HTC and Samsung, and my track jumps long distances.

It appears to be a cell tower but I wasn’t anywhere near the tower, then again PEI is so flat I must be in line-of-sight of the tower.