My Lisbon Map

Google unveiled a fantastic new feature for Google Maps this week: the ability to create your own maps, with markers, lines and polygons. The interface is very slick, and it’s really, really easy to start cranking out customized maps. My first effort is Things to See and Do in Lisbon, based on the places we visited a couple of weeks ago.


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Andre Ribeirinho on April 11, 2007 - 00:23 Permalink

Hello Peter,
both this post and the one on the where to take the kids in Lisbon are very very good. I really liked reading both and the amount of information is great.

I live in Lisbon and I’ve also written about Lisbon in a Small Guide to Lisbon (… ) but have been thinking on adding more information.

I wanted to ask you one thing. Did you ding relevant information online about Lisbon before coming here ?

One note. I went to visit your vacation apartment to buy it a few years ago :)

See you at Reboot,