My House

I experimented over the weekend with my new watercolour set, and received some helpful advice from Dave and Erin which guided me toward more-water-less-paint. Watercolour seems to be more a matter of suggestion than traditional “colouring in” as I was used to from childhood. I botched the front vestibule, and the driveway angle’s all wrong, but I like the way this developed.


Andrea's picture
Andrea on June 13, 2017 - 10:35 Permalink

Amazing progress. I have never been able to effectively work watercolours, which is unfortunate because I've always loved those little boxes of watercolour sets. You're inspiring me to maybe give it another shot.

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Peter Rukavina on June 13, 2017 - 11:19 Permalink

The keys for me, other than experience-through-fiddling, have been:

  1. Getting a “travel” watercolour set: it’s only got 12 colours, and I haven’t mastered colour theory yet, which is why my brick buildings are pink. But the fact that I can fit it comfortably in my handbag means I always have it with me, and whipping it out at a restaurant doesn’t seem like I’m setting up shop.
  2. Getting a “water brush,” a brush with a receptacle for water in the handle. This means I don’t have to find water to paint, so, again, I’m always painting-ready.