My Hip Parents

Before I left Canada I dumped a mix-CD my Dad made me into my iBook so we would have some music to listen to on our trip. I’m shocked both by the breadth of my father’s musical tastes, and by how much our tastes in music are aligned. Here are some sample tracks:

  • Rosemary Clooney — Autumn In New York
  • Ry Cooder — Cancion Mixteca
  • Blackie and the Rodeo Kings — Lace and Pretty Flowers
  • Fleetwood Mac — Go Your Own Way
  • Emmylou Harris — Red Dirt Girl
  • Gordon Lightfoot — Steel Rail Blues
  • Mark Knopfler — The Ragpicker’s Dream
  • Cesaria Evora — Esperanca Irisada
  • Colleen Peterson — Crazy
  • James Keelaghan — Kiri’s Piano

This from a man who is also an afficianado of all manner of classical music and has a deep appreciation of jazz (we were raised on Moe Koffman, both on LP and live).

Mom and Dad are going with Johnny and Jodi to see U2 live in Dublin later this spring; given that my last rock concert was Supertramp at CNE Stadium, I dare say that leaves me with parents who are hipper than I am.