My GO Train

This GO Train was the one I took to and from Burlington every day during the summer of 1985. It was always packed in those days, and I’m sure it run just as packed today. If SARS is spread by “close human contact,” this would be a good breeding ground.


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Rob Paterson on April 21, 2003 - 16:51 Permalink

Why are people acting so irresponsibly? This was a nurse!
I have found some quite worryng info on the death rate of SARS which suggest that in Canada it is 21%. The Spanish Flu which killed millions was only 2.1%. More on my blog if you want or can face it.

The concern is a breakout into the community. This is the edge we are on now with all these silly funeral goers and train riders. Spanish Flu broke out. Every person in the world got the Spanish flu. If SARS breaks out, we risk everyone getting it as well. What will this mean?

At a 4% death rate is 40,000 a million. 20% is 200,000 a million. Say the GTA is 4 million that is a range of between 160,000 — 800,000 deaths in Toronto! On PEI it means between 5,600 — 28,000 deaths. We have 1,200 deaths a year as a norm.

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Peter Rukavina on April 21, 2003 - 17:03 Permalink

The Toronto Star says: “It’s not affecting the general population, at this point. It’s striking those who have either had contact with people with the disease, people who have travelled to Southeast Asia, particularly China, and have come back in the past few weeks, Singh says.”

I can’t figure this out: people who have travelled to Southeast Asia must have been in contact with the “general population” when they were there — otherwise how would they have contracted SARS?

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Alan on April 22, 2003 - 13:38 Permalink

How do 14 deaths and 269 cases make 21%? That stat is crap. Living in Ontario it is pretty clear that there is a bit of hysteria going on. All but one of the 269 are tracable to the poor lady who was on the famous 9th floor of that Hong Kong hotel — the National Post on a Saturday in early april had a clear and detailed story on the path. All are also related to movements of the disease through the hospital system.

SARS appears to have developed in a single river valley in “GowngDon” province in November. It is an example of a rural area which meets new development and shares its native bugs. The hotel in Hong Kong had a conference and a doctor or scientist from that area travelled to it despite being sick. He booked into the hotel, got sicker, got on an elevator, went to a hospital and died. All of the cases outside of China trace back to that elevator. It is Canada’s bad luck that one lady from TO was on the elevator. She comes home and dies at home without seeing a doctor. Her kids die in hospital and most of the next wave from there are health professionals who saw the initial cases.

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For some sensible observations, see

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Hysteria caused by war, disease and a spiralling out of control — I saw it all on CNN we can’t live forever and the only control we really have is choosing what to buy before we die.

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The real anxiety is industrial disease, that un-named maladie we feel but can’t express. Invisible toxins of micronomical dimensions, both biological and chemical, seep deeper into our marrow — lapping up in waves we can’t see. A mental environment saturated with blinding, boring TV flicker. De facto bondage using mortgages and credit cards as means of extending wealth beyond our means to pay this week or this year. A decent minimum wage. These are the battles we should wage war in.