My First Pipe

Pipes is a new service from Yahoo! that doesn’t appear to have any value until suddenly you realize that you can use it for something really useful.

In my case the usefulness manifested itself as IRAC Applications — French River Area, which takes the RSS feeds from the IRAC LPA Applications Databank and filters them to create a new RSS feed that is limited to applications in Park Corner, French River, Sea View and Springbrook — the areas of interest for the L.M. Montgomery Land Trust.

Pipes doesn’t do anything you couldn’t otherwise do with some scripting in Perl or PHP, but it lets you do it a dead-easy-to-use visual way:

Yahoo! Pipes Screen Snip

This ease-of-use meant that creating my first pipe took about 5 minutes.


Rob L.'s picture
Rob L. on February 12, 2007 - 16:50 Permalink

Excellent! I’ve just create a Pipe using my “PEI” Flickr feed as a starting point. I added some conditions so I will no longer have to scroll through dozens of photos from the Souris/Morell high school girls basketball game, shots from the local senior’s card game, etc.