My Dad is on the phone!

Catherine and Oliver went to Old Home Week yesterday, and one of the things they took in was a cooking demonstration led by former Compass anchor Roger Younker — a sort of “Soup to Nuts” in aid of PEI-produced products.

Midway through the session I happened to call Catherine on her mobile, and midway through our call I heard a commotion and Catherine disappeared for a minute. Turns out that Oliver felt it important that Roger know that I was on the phone, so he walked up onto the stage to tell him. Roger, as you might expect, was confused.

Catherine, ever quick on her feet, quickly repositioned the purpose of Oliver’s romp by suggesting to Oliver that he ask Roger “what kind of cheese are you using.” Which, apparently, smoothed things out.


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Matt on August 18, 2007 - 14:57 Permalink

I caught that demonstration as well and it was quite a funny moment indeed.
Here are some photos from this particular “Soup to nuts” and more Old Home Week sights.…

(And it was mozzarella cheese if I remember correctly.)