My COVID-19 Operational Plan

Businesses on Prince Edward Island are required to have a “COVID-19 Operational Plan” and the province has provided a template to use for this:

The various professional associations and organizations, as well as business owners, are required to create operational plans prior to opening.

All businesses that are now open, and those looking to open during any of the Renew PEI Together phases must have an operational plan in place. The plan must outline how the business will meet public health measures to ensure the health and safety of staff and clients.

You do not need to submit the operational plan to the Chief Public Health Office before reopening. However, the plan will need to be made available during inspections by a government official.

My business is simply: just me, so no other employees to infect or get infected by; no clients or members of the public in my office. So I was able to quickly write up and post a template for Reinvented Inc., and stick a copy on the office door for when the COVID-19 enforcers drop by for a spot check.