Museum of Charlottetown Restaurant Menus

I wonder if professional archivists are ensuring that artifacts of our culinary past are being saved for posterity. I was in the habit, for a time, about a decade ago, of collecting photos of Charlottetown restaurant menus and saving them in Evernote for reference. This process seems to have been the kiss of death for several of these restaurants, as an uncommon number of them have since closed. Here, for old time’s sake, are the highlights of the collection.

Tai Chi Gardens

Perhaps my favourite, and most-frequented restaurant ever, Tai Chi Gardens was on Pownal Street just south of Grafton, and was operated by my friends Kennie and Wennie. Menu from April 2011.

Cover of Tai Chi Gardens menu from April 2011

Tai Chi Gardens Menu from April 2011, Page 1

The Seatreat

A long-running and much-loved restaurant at the corner of Euston and University, since closed. Menu from July 2010.

Page 1 of menu for The Seatreat in Charlottetown from July 2010

Page 2 of menu for The Seatreat in Charlottetown from July 2010

Orange Lunchbox

It started off as an (orange) food truck, and moved into the space on Great George Street next to Cedar’s that’s now home to Crafters Burgers and Khoaw Son. Menu from June 2013.

Menu from The Orange Lunchbox, June 2012

Black & White

One of the last of the grandfathered-in downtown grills, Black & White is still in operation, albeit under new ownership. This is the menu from March 2011.

Black and White menu, page 1, from March 2011

Black and White menu from March 2011, page 2

Terre Rouge

It keeps changing its name and its emphasis, but there’s been a restaurant in the old Carter’s Office Supplies for a long time now. This is the takeout menu from January 2013.

Terre Rouge takeout menu from January 2013