Mucem in Marseille

David Noel recommends a visit to Mucem when in Marseille.

The museum has a better-than-usual focus on accessibility:

Recognising the need to surround itself with experts in disability so as to consider and create a global accessibility policy, from the outset of the project, the Mucem formed a committee bringing together Marseille-based associations representing disability. Together, they considered the physical, sensory and cognitive accessibility of the museum.

The museum includes a “tactile and sensory” route through its galleries:

The objects selected for this tour convey the fundamental points of the exhibition’s main themes. In addition, its tactile, sensory dimension allows all visitors to comprehend the objects, through both their intellects and their senses.

I wish all institutions placed such emphasis on meeting all of their patrons where they stand.

(I met David years ago on a visit to SoundCloud; he was one of the most welcoming people I’ve ever met; I take his recommendations seriously).