Mr. MacNaughton meets Mr. Rodd

From Bruce MacNaughton, a story of the time he met Mr. Rodd, of Rodd Hotels:

While in the airport’s waiting area, I spoke with Mr. Rodd of Rodd’s Hotels, an Islander on his way to the big city as well. He asked what I was up to and told him my dream to learn French cooking to preserve fruit and the jam-making tradition on Prince Edward Island. 

When we landed, he asked where I was going, “just downtown,” I replied. He said, “I can give you a ride; I have a car waiting.” I thought, what is a car waiting?  It ended up being my first ‘limo’ ride.  

We drove to First Canadian Place at the corner of Adelaide and Bay.  We got out of the car and looked up. I had never seen a building over six stories before, and here I was, a kid starring up at 72 floors. 

I thanked Mr. Rodd for the drive, but before we parted ways, I asked a question, “Sir, I am going to go into business for myself and wonder if you have any words of advice for me?” He took a minute and responded, “systems, it’s all about systems.”  He walked into the building.

It is all about systems. Everything.