Motorola Helps You Hack Your Motorola

This helpful, if disclaimer-rich, page on the Motorola website is uncharacteristically open about the option to hack your Motorola DVR and get the video from it to a PC:

...but some people on their own have devised a way to access digital recordings on the DCT6208 or DCT6412 and offload them to a PC hard drive or Digital High Def VCR... Here's how to transfer non-copy protected recordings via IEEE1394/Firewire...

I wish all manufacturers were so open an honest about the hackability of their products. The DCT6412 (or is it the 6408?), by the way, is the DVR that [[Eastlink]] offers here in Prince Edward Island for $14.95/month.
Here's how to do much the same thing with a Mac.


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Mark Stanislav on December 28, 2006 - 22:43 Permalink

Thanks for the link to my post about the Motorola cable box stuff. I have since changed my blog software and the links are different.… — that is the direct link to the article. Hopefully this will help your visitors find it easier (as I see them trying to locate it all the time from here). Cheers.

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Peter Rukavina on December 28, 2006 - 22:50 Permalink

Mark, thanks for the updated link. I’ve modified the original post accordingly.

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bbhank on November 17, 2008 - 16:34 Permalink

This article does not tell how to download programs recorded on hard drive either by removing drive or firewire/usb. article says this cannot be done.

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greenoch on March 26, 2010 - 23:26 Permalink

I am told that the USB port at the back of the Eastlink DVR is disabled. Any way to enable it???

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egadgetguy on March 31, 2010 - 23:34 Permalink

I also cannot find any way to accomplish what you say. So is this bogus? or did Moto* remoe the ability so it would be less open to this?

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simdude2u on June 3, 2010 - 09:38 Permalink

How both of the links are broken. I went to Internet Archive and pulled the link, for others to see the page. Hope this helps anyone that is reading this page.…