Morning Walk Events

Now that I’ve choosen to maroon my working life across town, I walk to work every morning. While my walk isn’t anywhere as near ambitious as my brother Steve’s — he walks from St. Joseph down to CBC Montreal every morning, which, I think, is about 17 miles — it’s still an interesting change.

This morning was full of exciting morning walk events.

First, I was stopped on the street by Mandy, from She’s been on my blogroll for a while, but I didn’t have a face to put to the name. We had a brief chat on the way to Timothy’s, and then jumped back underneath our digital covers.

Inside Timothy’s, I spotted my arch nemesis Leo Broderick engaged in leftist plotting over in the corner. I managed to avoid eye contact.

And finally, the curiousity getting the best of me, I phoned my sources inside the Hardware Building and secured the knowledge that the secret new development now shrouded in plywood on Kent Street is, in fact, soon to be some sort of pub, apparently starting with the word “St.”. Leaving aside that what the world needs is a good Croatian pub, not another one that starts with “St.” (although who knows, maybe it’s St. Vlaho’s pub!), this will be a welcome addition to the downtown eatery community.


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Johnny on December 11, 2003 - 16:49 Permalink

Your research is very thorough. St. Vlaho, aka St. Blaise, is indeed the patron Saint of Dubrovnik. However, be careful what you wish for. Somehow, “St. Vlaho’s Pub” sounds like a more ideal setting for leftist plotting than Timothy’s Coffee.

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J on December 11, 2003 - 18:15 Permalink

it will be called St.James Gate

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John Boylan on December 11, 2003 - 18:47 Permalink

Is that the St. James Gate of Guinness fame?

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John Morris on December 11, 2003 - 19:47 Permalink

Not 100% sure here but I think your the first to meet Mandy.

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Mandy on December 11, 2003 - 20:20 Permalink

Thanx Peter for the nice little spot about our meeting. It was also very nice to meet you up close and personal…I quite enjoy your blog, so it was an honour to meet you.

I also must say I admire your avoidance of eye contact with Leo… he and I have not seen eye to eye on certain issues regarding who should teach kindergarten… it was so heated at one point, he tossed myself and a few other Early Childhood Educator students out the NDP head office during election time back in 99… with every yap of his bullhorn I cringe a little more.

sorry Leo, but you just don’t cut it in my books big guy.

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Mandy on December 11, 2003 - 20:49 Permalink

No John, I’ve managed to meet Steven Garrity, Daniel Burka and of course Nathan from SO (Nate is one of my best friends). And then Andrea (my best friend), Jarrod and Melissa are my buds who see plenty of me.

And a few others I’m sure. But I’ve yet to meet some of the other hard core bloggers, including yourself.

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John Morris on December 11, 2003 - 23:50 Permalink

Well, hopefully I will be added onto that list of people you have met. Only time will tell. And I do retract my previous statements.

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Cyn on December 12, 2003 - 00:43 Permalink

There is a St. James Gate bar in Moncton. I had my wallet stolen there a couple of years ago. It’s a really nice place, aside from the lurking thieves. Reminds be a bit of the Economy Shoe Shop in Halifax.
I was just thinking…Charlottetown will really need another place to drink, especially after the bootleggers are forced to shut down. (yah right, that’ll be the day)

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al o'neill on December 12, 2003 - 01:00 Permalink

Oh cyn, say it ain’t so…

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Rob Paterson on December 12, 2003 - 01:12 Permalink

Talking about how nice it is for bloggers on PEI to meet at last, Will Pate and I have been chatting about a post Christmas beer and pizza get together at my barn.
What do you think of such an evening? Maybe Tuesday Jan 13 or Wednesday the 14th. We could fit in about 35 folks. Good sound system, wood stove, nice dogs, many beds if you can’t make it home — Steve could even play Sloan! (In joke)

Seriously I would love to be able to host such an event

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Mandy on December 12, 2003 - 03:23 Permalink

sounds like a good time Rob