More on iChat AV

I had two “callers” take me up on my offer to iChat with audio. A reader from Calgary, who I’d never met (and, ironically, whose name I never remembered to ask for during our chat) dropped by, and we had a good conversation, me on my iMac and he on an iBook. Audio quality was slightly poorer than the earlier experiments, and seemed to get better and worse, presumably following the available bandwidth. It was odd (but not unpleasant) to talk to a real anonymous reader (he found this site from the sites drawer in NetNewsWire); for a moment I felt like Larry King.

Later, Dave phoned, or tried to. Something on his end with audio wasn’t working — I think he was trying to beam in with full video via camcorder — so he could hear me, but I couldn’t hear him. So I talked, and he typed. I felt like Helen Keller. Or like he was Helen Keller. Or something.