More on Hallowe’en

My reading of the God situation is not particularly well-informed. But it would seem to me that, although God is all around everywhere all the time, on Sundays, given the strong focused prayer of hundreds of thousands of believers all around the world, he would be particularly close to the fore, and particularly attuned to the needs of his flock.

The problem identified by those who would seek to move Hallowe’en from Sunday seems to be the comingling of the sacred with the profane, or, in the minds of the most extreme believers, the veneration of evil spirits on a sacred day. Would it not be, however, that a Sunday would be the best time to have Hallowe’en, what with God extra-especially present and ready to do battle with evil at the drop of a hat?


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Alan on October 20, 2004 - 01:45 Permalink

Halloween and All Saints Day are a sort of autumnal echo of the Easter weekend in the spring. Christians forget the meaning of such things, when we recall the Christ spent a day in Hell and in the fall a remebrance of Hell comes to us in the guise of little kids. Useful reminders in the faith of where uncertainty and certainty are. Sad that some churches forget the fun of the myth that lives.