More Fun at The Noodle House

An important trip north to the new Old Navy store in Charlottetown (kids’ Hallowe’en costumes 25% — tell all your friends) left us driving by The Noodle House at supper time tonight, and we couldn’t resist its spicy allure.

We’re getting to know the new staff, and so some of the old familiarity is returning to the place, which is nice. I think it will take the rest of the year to make our way through the many delights offered by the new menu: tonight we tried the Shrimp Rolls (think “spring roll, but with shrimp inside”; very nice), I had the Kung Pao Gar Ding, a friendly standby from the old days, and Catherine had the Spicy Beef with Ginger, which she enjoyed. Catherine almost opted for the Tingly Beef, but because she was sharing with Oliver she decided to leave that for the next time. What’s Tingly Beef? We have no idea, but it sounds exciting.

By far the most important news of all, though, is that they deliver. Suddenly visions of having all of our meals from The Noodle House danced in our head: we could throw away the plates, forget about getting the dishwasher fixed, and just lounge in front of the TV for breakfast noodles, lunch noodles and dinner noodles.

When we regained consciousness, we took one of the takeout menus home; if we can find 3 friends to tantalize sometime soon we’re going to put together a “meal for 5 — $47.99” deal, egg rolls and chicken fried rice included.