More Charlottetown Library Hacks

I spent the better part of the afternoon at the Charlottetown Library. Some new things I learned:

  • The Shed, the in-house coffee shop, serves something called a “Saigon Dirty,” which is: two shots of espresso, condensed milk, cardamom syrup, over ice. It’s a nice departure from the everyday coffee.
  • Go to the librarian pod at the back of the library, show your library card, and they will hand you an Xbox controller, headphones, TV remote, and an Xbox game or two of your choice; walk over to the nearby Game Room and go wild. Why this isn’t completely filled all the time, I do not know. I played a good 30 minutes of Super Monkey Ball. 
  • The wifi, although it requires passing through an every-time-you-connect annoying disclaimer, is well-implemented, very fast, and works everywhere in the building and on its patios.
  • There are a lot of well-curated collections of books on stands surrounding the main librarian pod; I’ve found myself borrowing from them almost exclusively.
  • A photo on your phone of your library card barcode scans just as well as the card itself.