More on Canada Post Stamps Order

When we last talked, I was wondering when my Canada Post online order for stamps might arrive.

Well, yesterday, a full week after I placed the order, I received my first update from Canada Post, in an email from someone named OTC Batch ID CPC Control M.

Thank you for your order placed via!  Here is the information for
the order you placed.  Your order is being shipped and your payment is being
Order Number: XXXXXXXXXX
Order Date: 2018/01/11
Reference Number: ONLINE STORE

Authorization Number: 007955  

Delivery Service: Standard Shipping  

Transaction Type:  Sale   

Shipping Address:
Reinvented Inc
100 Prince ST
Charlottetown PE
C1A 4R4

Item (SKU - Description)                        Quantity  Unit Price     Cost

111234 - P2018 FROM FAR AND WIDE BOOKLET OF     2.000     25.50          25.50
Tracking IDs:
You can use the Tracking Ids above to track the status of your order yourself by

I fed the “tracking ID” provided and got a more detailed update:

Screen shot of Canada Post tracking page for my order

So my order–for stamps, remember, simply for stamps–is set to be delivered 13 days after I placed the order.

And, apparently, a signature will be required to accept the delivery. But I won’t be home. So who knows what will happen.

It boggles the mind that an agency selling its own products, with its own delivery network, cannot turn around an order–for stamps!–in less than 13 days.

Stay tuned.