Montreal Squared

By a quirk of travel-planning fate, I am flying to Ottawa, via Montreal, on Wednesday, returning, via Montreal, late Friday night. I’m then getting back on a plane (presumably the same one) and flying back to Montreal first thing Saturday morning, to visit brother Steve with Oliver, returning Tuesday night. By my counting, I will be at Dorval airport four times in the next 9 days. It’s my 15 seconds of jet-setting fame, without the cameras.


Cody Swanson's picture
Cody Swanson on November 17, 2003 - 17:54 Permalink

Be thankful you don’t have to walk the 1.4kms from the international receiving terminal to canadian customs!

Rob L.'s picture
Rob L. on November 17, 2003 - 18:53 Permalink

Dorval is no more. It’s “Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport” — a real mouthful. I’m sure it’s still Dorval to Montrealers.