Montreal Bound

Johnny and I have been at Yankee all week, meeting with our colleagues and talking about things like “tagging moon phases.” We head off this afternoon up through Vermont back to Montreal where we’ll spend the weekend with brother Steve before flying back to the Island on Monday morning.

We’re here in the heart of the foliage season, but it has been raining and foggy every day, so we’ve not had much chance to experience it. Somehow soggy leaves looked at through drizzle don’t inspire one to rapture.

On Wednesday night we popped in to Boston to see Johnny’s childhood friend Trevor along with his wife Amy and their new daughter, who is considerably adorable. We had a good dinner with them, and headed back to Peterborough the same night.

Our lodging at the Jack Daniels Motor Inn has been as clean, plain and welcoming as ever; I’m sad to report that Twelve Pine, my usual breakfast place, is having customer service problems, with two of our three morning visits plagued with “the fruit salad isn’t ready yet” episodes. I’m not ready to condemn them yet because their fruit salad is so tasty, but they need to focus.

More from the Quebec frontier as the weekend rolls out…